Savannah Sixx – Never Enough Stepsister Muff


Savannah Sixx – Never Enough Stepsister Muff

Caramel beauty Savannah Sixx is a little down on her luck recently, but her family has her back. She heads over to her stepbrothers house to shack up for a while as she looks for a new job to pay the bills with. He is more than happy to have her, but their parents are a little concerned about Savannahs independence. They do not want her staying with him for too long, and Savannah totally understands. All she needs is a place to crash for a little, and she will be on her feet and running! But while she is at her stepbrothers, she decides to have a little fun. She lays out on the bed and strips naked, exposing her perfect tits and pink nipples. She gets her fingers wet and then plays with her pussy, massaging her clit until she is on the brink of orgasm. But just as she is going to climax, her stepbrother walks in and catches her in the act. They are both a little shy at first, but Savannah has been waiting for her stepbrother to see her in a new light for a long time. She takes the opportunity to show him exactly what he can expect if he is down to have some fun with her. On top of that, with a little stepsister pussy payment every now and then, she will definitely be able to cover her rent. He presents his dick and Savannah goes to town, drooling all over his shaft as she gives him a sensual blowjob. She is proud that she is able to please her stepbro so deftly, and she vows to keep it a family secret. Then, she mounts him and he strokes inside until she is begging for more. Looks like this chick has been watching a little too much porn lately!

Date: August 22, 2019
Actors: Savannah Sixx

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