Abby Lee Brazil – Nursing Some Nuts


Abby Lee Brazil – Nursing Some Nuts

Luscious lipped Abby Lee Brazil worries about her stepsons safety, especially since he started dating his crazy girlfriend. Today, he comes home with a case of bruised balls after his girl kicked him in the nuts. He can barely contain himself as he walks into the house, and his stepmom is freaked out. How could anyone do something like this to her sweet boy? She takes a look at the damage and can see that it must be very painful. To make her stepson feel better, she kisses his cock to overwhelm him with sexual pleasure. Talk about nursing a wound! Later, Abbys stepson needs to release some stress. He recently got a suggestion to do some dry humping in order to get some of the tension out without having to go into full on penetration. Abby is willing to help the guy out, but only if it means that he will be able to focus on his priorities. She bends over and rubs her ass on his cock, gyrating her hips until they are both hot and bothered. Finally, she comes up with a plan. She will get butt naked, and he can slide his cock between her thighs to get the friction he needs! A couple days later, Abbys stepson is fed up with all the foreplay. He sees his perv stepmom stretching out in the living room and gets a raging boner. She asks him to help her stretch and then finally decides to give up her tight MILF pussy. They head to the bedroom and she sucks his dick, getting it wet and ready for insertion. She shows off her clit piercing and then arches her back as he enters her from behind. He strokes inside her until he is ready to burst. Then, she sucks a load of cum from the tip of his cock.

Date: August 31, 2019
Actors: Abby Lee Brazil

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