Jordy Love – Kicked Out For The Stepsister Cooch


Jordy Love – Kicked Out For The Stepsister Cooch

When our studs dad finds out that he has been bringing a ton of women over to his house to have sex, he is pissed at his boy. His stepdaughter, Jordy Love, is a little concerned that the old man is being too harsh on her stepbrother. Maybe he is a little jealous, but this stubborn guy will not abide his son becoming some kind of lecherous degenerate under his own roof! To make sure the kid learns his lesson, he kicks him out of his house. But our stud is resourceful. He sneaks his way around the side of the house when his stepdad leaves and catches his sexy ebony stepsister taking some sexy selfies while he is at it. She lets him in the house and hears him out in her room. All the while, she imagines him bringing all those women back to the house to plow them out. She wonders if he is good in bed and finds herself wanting to feel his cock inside her sweet black coochie. She wonders if it is big. Finally, she cannot take the curiosity any longer. She invites him to stay and play around so they can piss the old man off together. She peels off her top and exposes her bouncy tits. Her stepbrother can barely believe his eyes as she gets ready to rock his world with her tight vag. He sucks her perfect nipples and his dick gets hard as a rock as she caresses it. The family sex heats up as he strokes inside her, making her scream out in orgasmic delight. The interracial fuck sesh gets more and more passionate until finally the lucky guy shoots a thick load of sperm all over Jordy. Maybe it will not get him back in his dads good graces, but this is definitely a consolation prize for the history books.

Date: August 6, 2019
Actors: Jordy Love

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